Velvet SKI d.o.o. company is one of the most successful in presenting sports and luxury brands in thecountry. It originated from the company Velvet Sport d.o.o. with a successful business history that haslasted since 1992. Within the Velvet SKI d.o.o. company as a separate entity, Velvet Fashion storesoperate on Kopaonik and Belgrade.


We are a modern company that basically nurtures a family and collegial spirit, and achieves results withonly a dozen employees. The basis of Velvet SKI's business is the representation of world sports brands: Bogner, Goldbergh, High Society and Kelly by Sissy de Monte Carlo, Phenix, Eisbar, Lackner and Eska. In representing all these global brands, we open completely new doors to a new world and meet all requirements and meet the needs of our customers. In our models you can find your favorite model, favorite color, find something new and experiment or stay true to the eternal classics, find elegance, sophistication, comfort. Velvet SKI is ready to accept and realize all wishes and ideas to the satisfaction of its customers. Buying in Velvet fashion world, You will understand that quality, kindness and professionalism are the key combination and it is very possible for satisfaction to be mutual. You will recognize the positive energy that will bring you back to our stores again.


Our offer includes clothes designed for all aspects of modern life with the activities as: skiing, golf, jogging, fitness, cycling or yoga, and be ready for a work or coffee break.

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